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Warranty and Returns

Learn more about the WalkSmart warranty below, including what is and isn't covered.

The Terms and Conditions of the WalkSmart Warranty:
The WalkSmart warranty includes:
- Manufacturer defects and faults with a product
- Internal component faults caused by the manufacturer

The WalkSmart warranty does NOT include the following:
1.1 Physical damage to the product. This includes:
- Parts or components that have fallen loose from the product.
- Parts or components that are scratched, bent, or physically deformed.

2.1 Issues caused by additional accessories added to a product not sold by WalkSmart. This includes:
- Modified wheels, potentially causing excessive vibration to the product frame/chassis.
- Seat attachment potentially causing damage to the frame/chassis.
- An electrical malfunction caused by modification of internal components, or an additional accessory that connects to an electrical component within the product.
- Additional battery extension modules not sold by WalkSmart, attached to the product.

3.1 Water damage caused to the product:
- Some WalkSmart products are advertised and sold as waterproof, able to withstand puddles and rain. However, product ware and tare, ageing and misuse can cause product seals to reduce over time. Therefore the WalkSmart warranty does not extend to cover damage to a product caused by water or moisture.

4.1 Consumable components
- Consumable components are those components on the product that will be consumed over time, as the product is used. These components include:
- Batteries: reduced battery life is not covered under the WalkSmart warranty.
- Tyres: tyres require regular inspection to ensure the safety of the rider. Depending on the frequency of the product being used, the tyre will need to be replaced when worn. This is not covered under the WalkSmart warranty.
- Bearings: The bearings within a product require regular inspection and lubrication to ensure the product performs at its best. Failure to maintain a product appropriately may damage mechanical components within a product.

5.1 Regular service and maintenance required on a product
- If a WalkSmart product has not been cared for appropriately by the customer or serviced accordingly as per the user manual, this may direct WalkSmart to refuse the product to be covered under the WalkSmart warranty.

The WalkSmart Return Policy
WalkSmart provides a 30-day no-questions-asked refund return guarantee. If you are not happy with the item you have purchased, you may return it within 30 days for a refund. However, note that a 30% restocking fee will apply.

For example, if you have purchased a product for $799.95, however, find that it is not suitable, you may return your product for a refund. WalkSmart will charge a restocking fee of 30% = $239.98, so your actual refund amount will equal $559.96. A restocking fee covers transactional, refurbishment and logistic costs. Under some circumstances, we may offer a 40% refund if 30 days has already passed.

- 30-day refund for ‘change of mind’ product returns, 30% restocking fee applies to the customer, taken off the total product sales price.
- The customer covers the cost of returning the item to the WalkSmart store, prior to receiving a refund.
- Full refund offered if the product has a fault within the first 30 days, starting from the date the customer received the product.
- Under some circumstances, the customer may return the product after the initial 30-days has passed since receiving the product, and be offered a 40% refund calculated from the total sales amount.
Walksmart will also accept your broken product for a refund if it is covered by the warranty. Note that shipping cost for a refund option will be deducted from your total amount or you may either drop it off in our shop or send it via your own courier service.