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Our Story

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WalkSmart was officially founded in 2017 by Seb Aroney and the team at Modern Power Solutions. For some years previous to this, Modern Power Solutions had been involved with the wholesale and supply of e-mobility products across Australia. Wholesaling these products direct to retailers via platforms such as DropShip Zone, Catch of the day and eBay,

It was between 2016-2017 that the decision was made to separate and develop WalkSmart into its own brand. The vision was formed, to create a new online and in-store experience, solving the problems other retailers made while filling a gap within the market.

The need for a re-imagined all-in-one e-mobility store was increasing as the products took off in demand. Our vision was to combine importing, retailing, servicing and warranty handling into the one business.

Seb and his team developed a business model with a focus beyond selling the product.

"We quickly realised that selling the product was only part of the job."

"The types of products we are dealing with are unique, with unique requirements. Given the nature of the product, ridden by our customers, used in tough environments- on-going maintenance, servicing and warranty repairs are significantly higher than other products, such as fridges or computers for example. Yet many retailers sell them as if they are the same"

At WalkSmart, we understand this and have taken steps to provide the best possible user experience both before and after a sale:
  • We have an in-house workshop to repair the products we sell, giving us the ability to handle warranty directly instead of pointing customers to the manufacturing corporations for product repairs. Many of the manufacturers are overseas, so warranty repairs are difficult and costly for the customer.
  • We have a service centre, stocking all parts and maintenance tools to ensure our customer's electric vehicles are functioning 100% at 100% of the time even if they are out of warranty.
  • We have an excellent team of staff that are there to help our customers compare between electric vehicles, allowing them to determine which model is best for them.
The first WalkSmart store opened in Pyrmont in November 2018.

"Our vision for the store was based on the car dealerships model. Having the showroom out the front, service centre at the rear, and test driving facilities in the courtyard."

"Our plan for 2019 and beyond is to continue opening up stores in other capital cities, Melbourne next, then Brisbane, Perth, and Adelaide. As we believe the brick and mortar store model is both optimal and paramount for these products."

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A team that is by your side, all the time, to support you along your eMobility journey with us.



WalkSmart Founder

Seb founded WalkSmart in 2017. Seb is responsible for company direction, strategic planning, and leadership. Seb graduated from UTS in 2019



Operations Manager

Ongky is responsible for the day-to-day operations at WalkSmart, ensuring the short-term responsibilities of WalkSmart are met



IT Manager

Edward manages IT for WalkSmart. Edward graduated from UTS, achieving a Bachelor's degree in Networking and System Administration.



Sydney Manager

Luther manages the WalkSmart Pyrmont store and Sydney operations. Luther is currently studying for a Bachelor of Arts in Industrial and Product design at UTS



Canberra Store Technician

Fredo assists with Canberra operations, both in the Campbell store and commercial business operations. Fredo joined WalkSmart in 2020



Electrical Engineer

Jacob is in charge of product repairs, maintenance and servicing at WalkSmart. Jacob is currently studying for a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from UWS.



Customer Service

Ana manages the Customer Service side of WalkSmart and fulfills administrative duties. Ana studied Computer Science at Uttar Pradesh Technical University



Business Development

Lliam is responsible for growth in our B2B activities. He previously worked with service and tech startups in Berlin and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce at USYD.