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Segway-Ninebot unveils new e-scooters!

Posted 3rd March. Category: Article.

Segway-Ninebot has unveiled its electric scooter lineup for 2022, and the brand offers something for everyone.

What Scooters are best for ACT

How Can You Ride Safely in Traffic?

Posted 25th January. Category: Article.

It’s smart to always be prepared and have a proper riding experience on your electric scooter before travelling around town.

What Scooters are best for ACT


Posted 17th January. Category: Article.

When it comes to being on the road and commuting in a vehicle, there are lots of concerns that cross your mind along the way.

What Scooters are best for ACT

Electric Scooter Laws in Canberra: Update 2022!

Posted 10th January. Category: Article.

Generally speaking, the rules and regulations mentioned below include the use of electric scooters, electric skateboards, balance scooters in the ACT region:

What Scooters are best for ACT

How to Adjust E Scooter Speed? Simple Ways to Get Extra-fast Scooter!

Posted 27th December. Category: Article.

If you ride your scooter for a long time, you'll probably need to undertake some maintenance.

What Scooters are best for ACT

What can you do if your electric scooter breaks down?

Posted 20th December. Category: Article.

This guide will teach you what your options are and what to do if your scooter breaks.

What Scooters are best for ACT

What Scooters are best for ACT?

Posted 25th November. Category: Article.

There are many places in Canberra that you can go to for a fun ride on an escooter, but it can be hard to decide which place you should try first!

What Scooters are best for ACT

Where to ride eScooters in Canberra?

Posted 20th November. Category: Article.

There are many places in Canberra that you can go to for a fun ride on an escooter, but it can be hard to decide which place you should try first!

electric scooter legal in Sydney

Where to Rent Escooters in Canberra?

Posted 15th November. Category: Article.

The options for where to rent an e-scooter in Canberra are varied, but often come with a range of caveats which need to be considered. For example, many people assume that you can simply walk up and rent one on the street - but this isn't always the case. If you want to know more about where and how to find these services in your area, read on!

electric scooter legal in Sydney


Posted 1st November. Category: Article.

Usually, riding an e-scooter is fairly easier than riding a bicycle and many can pick it up right away. This guide will help get you started on your e-scooter journey and will cover important tips on how to ride properly

electric scooter legal in Sydney

How to Repair a Ninebot Max E-Scooter Easily?Useful Tips to Service Ninebot!

Posted 25th October. Category: Article.

In this guide, we will go through the key servicing and repair items on the Ninebot Max Kickscooter by Segway.

electric scooter legal in Sydney


Posted 15th October. Category: Article.

Electric scooters are becoming much more than just a fun mode of transportation for children and teenagers. It has evolved into a product with a purpose, improving the efficiency of commuting by offering us with a new mode of transportation that is enjoyable, flexible, and economical.

electric scooter legal in Sydney

When will eScooters be allowed in Sydney?

Posted 30th September. Category: Article.

Electric scooters are becoming popular in the Australia, and is being widely used in Sydney but the laws on e-scooters aren’t always clear. With rental schemes popping up across the country, it seems that it’s only a matter of time before they become a fully regulated form of transport.

electric scooter legal in Sydney

Best spots to ride eScooters in Canberra!

Posted 20th September. Category: Article.

Our scooters are awesome! Canberrans have an excellent selection of scooters to choose from, and Walksmart can assist in selecting the most suitable scooter.

best electric scooter in Australia

Riding Electric Scooters in Sydney!

Posted 10th September. Category: Article.

Would you like to have some fun during your free time in Sydney? Electric scooters are the ultimate wheeled recreational vehicles that are designed to give you happiness!

best electric scooter in Australia

Why to Join Our Canberra Escooter Club in ACT?

Posted 31st August 2021. Category: Article.

Welcome to C.E.C! We are a group of people residing in Canberra that shares similar interests in E-Scooters.Join our group to share a passion for riding our favorite vehicle together as a group in the Canberra city.

best electric scooter in Australia


Posted 20th August 2021. Category: Article.

If you are looking for a high-quality electric scooter with an impressive design that focuses on performance and safety over fashion, then INOKIM QUICK 4 is the go to electric scooter for you.

best electric scooter in Australia

Best Electric scooter Maintenance tips

Posted 10th August 2021. Category: Article.

To keep your electric scooter in a good condition, you need to make sure that there is right maintenance. In today’s blog post we will be sharing viable tips to help you maintain your e-scooter in the best condition.!

best electric scooter in Australia

Best Bolzzen Electric Scooters in Australia

Posted 30th July 2021. Category: Article.

In this article, we have listed some of the best Bolzzen electric scooter models that make your daily commuting a joyful one.!

best electric scooter in Australia

Xiaomi Scooter 3 2021: Features & Specifications!

Posted 18th July 2021. Category: Article.

Today we're going to be uncovering the NEOs Xiaomi electric scooter 3. Make sure you check this post out!

best electric scooter in Australia

An Interview with Christian: Founder of Bolzzen Scooters

Posted 10th July 2021. Category: Article.

Finally, a much awaited interview with the Founder of Bolzzen electric scooters is here. Make sure you check this post out!

best electric scooter in Australia

Which electric scooter to buy in Australia?

Posted 29th June 2021. Category: Article.

This article will help you find the best electric scooter to buy. We will go over different types of scooters as well as prices and features for each model.

best electric scooter in Australia

Looking For Best Electric Scooters For Teenagers? Here's how to choose the right one!

Posted 22nd June 2021. Category: Article.

Electric scooters fill a transport gap for teenagers. Teenagers have restricted transport options - they can’t drive because of their age, and on demand ride-sharing is often too expensive for what they can afford. Public transport and personal mobility stand as the two best transport options for teenagers. In this blog post, we’ll go through the best electric scooters for teenagers.

New to eScooters

The Best 1000w electric scooters in Australia!

Posted 5th June 2021. Category: Article.

If you are unsure of which is the best 1000W electric scooter in Australia, then this blog post is designed specifically for you. In today’s article we will be reviewing the most popular electric scooter that has 1000w Motor power in their system. Let’s dive right in!

best 1000W electric scooter in Australia

The Bolzzen Dynamo Hyper Scooter Features Review!

Posted 20th May 2021. Category: Article.

Let's jump directly into the features of the powerful electric scooter i.e Bolzzen Dynamo Hyper Scooter that is currently taking the world by storm!

Bolzzen Dynamo electric scooter

Must Buy Essentials For Your Electric Scooter Kit

Posted 1st May 2021. Category: Article.

Having a smooth ride is not always about upgrading your e scooter performance or spare parts. Safety should be the highest priority before taking a ride.

electric scooter kit

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Inokim Scooter?

Posted 25th April 2021. Category: Article.

Inokim electric scooters were launched in the year 2009 by an Israeli Award Winner and product designer Nimrod Sapir.Ever since the scooters were launched in the market, its build quality, speed have been impeccable and the features of this amazing electric scooter are being loved by one and all.

Top Electric Scooter

List of Top Electric Scooters: Cheap and Affordable!

Posted 15th April 2021. Category: Article.

Whether it is daily commuting or a simple zip from home to beach, electric scooters are the best grab-and-go vehicles that make travelling more seamless. The demand for electric scooters has skyrocketed since the past few years and it would be wise to check the best electric scooters in 2021, before you make a purchase.

Top Electric Scooter

Best electric kids scooter You Must Definitely Give A Try!

Posted 2nd April 2021. Category: Article.

Before making the purchase decision, it is important to take into consideration your requirements and compare it with the features of the available electric scooters. In this article, we have listed down 2 of the best electric scooters for kids in Australia.

Best Foldable ElectricScooter

Why Ninebot E8 is the Best Suited Electric Scooter For Kids? | Detailed Review Guide

Posted 23rd March 2021. Category: Article.

Are you looking forward to buying a kid’s electric scooter this season? Maybe you are tired of the lack of variety in picking out the perfect one. Fortunately, for electric scooters, children do not have to miss out. I have many happy memories of racing around my neighbourhood on my little blue kick-scooter, and I'm sure you will have similar ones.

Best Foldable ElectricScooter

Which is the Best Electric Foldable Scooter in Australia?

Posted 18th March 2021. Category: Article.

Are you in search of the best electric foldable scooter in Australia? Do you want to ride a foldable electric scooter that is of premium quality and gives you a better riding experience.

Best Foldable ElectricScooter

Best Selling Electric Scooter for Adults in Australia in 2021!

Posted 10th March 2021. Category: Article.

With a lot of electric scooters available in the market, it is really challenging to pick one best selling electric scooter for adults in Australia. However, we have done the job easy for you by reviewing some of the best e scooters in Australia in terms of mobility, price, and comfort.

Best Electric Scooter

5 Common Electric Scooter Mistakes to Avoid in Australia| WalkSmart Guide!

Posted 22nd February 2021. Category: Article.

Riding an electric scooter these days is not only fun but has become absolutely essential among teenagers and adults alike. If you have just purchased a brand new electric scooter in Australia and want to avoid committing the most common mistakes in riding a scooter, then this blog post is for you.

Common Frequently Asked Questions About Electric Scooters

How to Ride an Electric Scooter in 2021!

Posted 17th February 2021. Category: Article.

In today’s blog post we will be sharing a few simple tips on how to ride an electric scooter for the first time. e- scooters are slowly gaining a lot of popularity among experienced riders and beginners alike. Hence, those people who are not familiar with riding scooters are now trying their best to learn and ride the same. If you have ridden a scooter before, you will easily be able to learn how to ride it. But here are certain tips that will help you to have a smooth ride:

Common Frequently Asked Questions About Electric Scooters

How WalkSmart Electric Scooters offer Micro Mobility Solutions!

Posted 15th February 2021. Category: Article.

Thanks to the emergence of ride-sharing services, micro-mobility has recently risen in popularity as an alternative solution to convenient and eco-friendly road transportation. Among countless startups and brands that cater to micro-mobility, WalkSmart Technology offers innovative electric scooters that contribute to micro-mobile solutions.

Common Frequently Asked Questions About Electric Scooters

Common Frequently Asked Questions About Electric Scooters: Update 2021!

Posted 29th January 2021. Category: Article.

In today's blog post we will be answering the most common Frequently asked questions about electric scooters. If you are interested to own an electric scooter in Australian region then these questions might help you decide.So without any further delay, lets get started:

Common Frequently Asked Questions About Electric Scooters

Latest Update About the Electric Scooter Laws in Canberra in 2021!

Posted 22nd January 2021. Category: Article.

Generally speaking, the rules and regulations mentioned below include the use of electric scooters, electric skateboards, balance scooters in the ACT region:

Electric Scooters Laws in Canberra

A Comprehensive Guide to Buying the Popular electric scooters in Canberra!

Posted 21st January 2021. Category: Article.

Buying electric scooters in Canberra is made easy. With the new WalkSmart store in the C5 development in Campbell, customers are able to see and try a range of electric scooters in person. They can gain a personalised experience from the knowledgeable in-store consultants - to help find the right electric scooter for them.

Popular Electric Scooters in Canberra

New to eScooters? Here's how to ride one!

Posted 15th January 2021. Category: Article.

Riding an electric scooter is simple and easy, but there’s a few tricks to riding safely and efficiently, we’ll go through these in this blog post.

New to eScooters

Riding eScooters with your friends these summer holidays!

Posted 11th December 2020. Category: Article.

It’s an amazing feeling riding through your local neighborhood on a hot summer's day. Out in the open with the breeze through your hair zipping to the shops or heading for a swim. eScooters are becoming the hottest product this summer! For good reason.

How to commute easily with escooter in Australia

Rediscover Canberra with WalkSmart!

Posted 8th December 2020. Category: Article.

Canberra is a beautiful city, built around a man-made lake - Lake Burley Griffin - there has been a lot of development since it became Australia’s capital in 1911. Being spread out and not overly dense - it has an excellent balance of city and country-side - with the best of both. Excellent opportunity for employment and education, yet relaxed suburban lifestyles. You head out of the city 10 minutes and you see farmland, countryside and rural agriculture - excellent for activities such as mountain biking and camping.

How to commute easily with escooter in Australia

Unravelling The WalkSmart Story in the ACT!

Posted 7th December 2020. Category: Article.

WalkSmart was founded in the ACT right before the COVID pandemic, in March 2020. Seb Aroney the founder of WalkSmart constructed the store along with colleagues Edward, Eddie and Ongky, and so the store was officially opened in July.

How to commute easily with escooter in Australia

The WalkSmart Commute: 6 reasons why eScootering is the best way to commute?

Posted 4th December 2020. Category: Article.

Commuting can be a time-consuming and infuriating time of the day. Whether it is back and forth work, school, uni or just catching up with friends, it’s something that we all do.

How to commute easily with escooter in Australia

How to Repair a Ninebot Max E-Scooter Easily?

Posted 1st December 2020. Category: Article.

Electric scooters are vehicles, and so just like cars, bikes and boats - they require servicing and maintenance to ensure they are operating smoothly for an extended life. Without care, they can be costly to maintain or become an unused sitting asset.

best electric scooter in brisbane

How to Choose the Best Electric Scooter For Kids?

Posted 21st July 2020. Category: Article.

Are you looking for the best electric scooter for your kid in 2020? Are you confused with a lot of options available in the market?

best electric scooter in brisbane

Why Ninebot Max is the best Electric Scooter in Brisbane?

Posted 13th July 2020. Category: Article.

Ninebot Max is undoubtedly one of the best Electric Scooter in Brisbane. It is supposedly the latest edition offered by Segway, which provides maximum range & is the perfect partner for travel and leisure. You can do whatever you please with your Ninebot MAX.

best electric scooter in brisbane

An Exhaustive Performance Review of Razor Eprime Electric Scooter in 2020!

Posted 6th July 2020. Category: Article.

Since its inception, Razor has worked hard in releasing powerful electric scooters in the market. The Razor e prime is one of their leading commuter e-scooters which has been designed for both adults and teens.

Razor Eprime Electric Scooter Review

A Beginner's Guide For Women to Get into Electric Vehicles!

Posted 26th June 2020. Category: Article.

Finally, women have started to break their boundaries against riding two-wheeler vehicles and are learning to ride them effortlessly. Surprisingly enough, they are now trying to search the perfect electric scooter for themselves.

WalkSmart escooter

A Definitive Guide to the Electric Scooter Helmets!

Posted 19th June 2020. Category: Article.

E-scooters are fun to ride and easy to learn. But did you know that riding an e-scooter on the road without helmets can prove to be risky? Yes, you heard it right! Wearing a helmet while driving any e-vehicle is extremely important as even though you drive safely, you can run into accidents if the other people on the road are not driving carefully.

WalkSmart escooter

What are the advantages of riding an electric scooter in the city?

Posted 15th June 2020. Category: Article.

The electric scooters naturally appeal to the users who ride on two-wheelers, all thanks to their maneuverability, power and ease of maintenance. These features allow everyone to choose an electric scooter over other vehicles.

WalkSmart escooter

Which Electric Scooter is Right For You?

Posted 8th June 2020. Category: Article.

In this article, we have provided a useful buying guide which helps you in choosing the best electric scooter for commuting daily. So, what are the things which you need to look in, before purchasing an electric scooter?

WalkSmart escooter

Coming Soon: The Magnificient Segway-Ninebot Air T15 Kickscooter!

Posted 5th June 2020. Category: Article.

2020 brings us the release of the Air T15 kickscooter by Segway-Ninebot, a completely new design and form-factor eScooter by Ninebot. Engineered to be as compact, lightweight and easy to use as possible, the T15 may fit the gap as the best city-riding eScooter.

WalkSmart escooter

Important things to look out for when renting an eBike for food delivery!

Posted 1st June 2020. Category: Article.

There is a lot to consider when renting an eBike for food delivery; price is generally the most significant factor—the less delivery operating cost, the more income from food delivery. But the price isn't always everything, almost as important are safety, comfort, range and the rental terms.

WalkSmart escooter

The Best Electric Scooters to Buy!

Posted 19th May 2020. Category: Article.

The best electric scooter to buy will depend on the riders requirements. For example; if the rider needs to carry the scooter a lot (on public transport or up stairs) then the best scooter would be a lightweight model - such as the Unagi. On the other hand, if carrying is not a requirement, then a longer range scooter such as the Ninebot Max may be more suitable. Either way, in this blog post, we will go through generally the best electric scooters on the market today, and available to buy in Australia.

WalkSmart escooter

Are Electric Scooters the Right Way to Commute to Work Amidst Lockdown?

Posted 15th May 2020. Category: Article.

Ever since the COVID-19 has affected millions of individuals globally, people are scared to step out of their homes fearing the deadly virus. This situation has severely affected the economy as well, as most of the companies have incurred massive losses since the lockdown has been announced.

WalkSmart escooter

How Are the e-Mobility Vehicles Empowering Women These Days!

Posted 11th May 2020. Category: Article.

Nowadays, women are breaking the barriers of society by taking up tasks that are generally associated with male fraternity. For example, motorcycles have been time and again associated with males, and the companies manufacture typically the types of bikes which may suit the requirement of the males.

WalkSmart escooter

How to Resolve the Transportation Problem?

Posted 4th May 2020. Category: Article.

We define the transport problem as the inefficiency of an individual getting around their local environment for day to day purposes. We believe people spend too much time, effort and money on their commute. Today, advancements in technology enable new personal transport options that help solve the transport problem.

WalkSmart escooter

Advantages and Disadvantages of Electric Bicycle

Posted 1st May 2020. Category: Article.

Most people don’t live where they work. There’s usually some type of commute. Sometimes it can be a few blocks of walking, but it can also be an hour of driving. Well, in both of these situations, you would like to use that time proactively. Walking a long-distance won’t be proactive since you’ll be losing a lot of hours of the day.

WalkSmart escooter

Our most frequently asked questions about renting an eScooter or eBike from WalkSmart!

Posted 29th April 2020. Category: Article.

Renting an eScooter or eBike is simple, here we go through the steps of how it works and the questions we get asked most from our customers.

WalkSmart escooter

Buyer’s Guide to Purchasing the Fastest Electric Scooter

Posted 27th April 2020. Category: Article.

When you are in the market for buying a fun ride around town, then there are a few factors you have to consider. Buying a scooter is a little bit like purchasing your first car. You have to know about all the specifications in order for you to be ultimately satisfied with your purchase.

WalkSmart escooter

Why is NCM Essen eBike Is The Jack of All Trades?

Posted 25th April 2020. Category: Article.

The NCM Essen eBike is one of the most fashionable and artsy electric vehicle available. The makers of this eBike have focussed on the style and comfort for satisfying the needs of their customers. This eBike is designed to offer a smooth riding experience for longer roads.

WalkSmart escooter

This Earth Day, we urge you to reconsider your travel options for a healthier planet!

Posted 21st April 2020. Category: Article.

WalkSmart is here for you on your good days and your bad days, and right now, it rather feels like we could use a little bit more love and support to get through. Here at the WalkSmart, we've been working around the clock to support our customers and determine how we can help our community across the country who have been severely affected by this pandemic.

WalkSmart escooter

WalkSmart Scooter Rentals Frequently Asked Questions!

Posted 17th April 2020. Category: Article.

In today's blog post, we will be briefly discussing about the frequently asked questions pertaining to the rental services. Most of the commonly asked questions have been covered in this post.Keep Reading!

WalkSmart escooter

What our customers have to say about us?

Posted 13th April 2020. Category: Article.

At WalkSmart, we listen and respond to feedback our customers provide us. It helps us deliver a better service. Stay tuned to know what our customers have to say about our services.

WalkSmart escooter

The Top Features of the Bolzzen Atom Pro!

Posted 8th April 2020. Category: Article.

The latest model of Bolzzen Atom Pro E-Scooter is finally arriving at WalkSmart! Sporting 8-inch wheels, and a powerful 500w motor, the e-scooter is best for 50-60km range. Needless to say, this e-scooter is build to last. From commuting to work daily to using it for adventurous and fun-filled journeys, Bolzzen Atom Pro is a multipurpose and reliable e-scooter for all.

WalkSmart escooter

The NCM Moscow eBike Top Features!

Posted 3rd April 2020. Category: Article.

NCM has been widely known for creating high quality yet affordable electric bikes. In today's blog post, we will be discussing the top 10 features of the popular NCM Moscow ebike.

WalkSmart escooter

The Bolzzen eScooters join us at WalkSmart!

Posted 1st April 2020. Category: Article.

This month we welcome the Bolzzen Atom Pro coming from our colleagues at Macarthur eBikes. This 2020 new model motorised scooter has a few unique differences that set it apart from some of the other models we stock at WalkSmart.

WalkSmart escooter

Rental eBikes for Food Delivery Riders now available at WalkSmart!

Posted 27th March 2020. Category: Article.

According to a report published last year; it has been estimated that the online food delivery industry is worth $1.3 billion in Australia.

WalkSmart escooter

WalkSmart your way around Canberra!

Posted 25th March 2020. Category: Article.

You may have noticed a few more people rolling their way around Canberra, that’s right e-mobility is now legal in the ACT. Leave your runners at home and scoot your way around this Beautiful city on your new electric scooter courtesy of the team at the newly opened WalkSmart Canberra.

WalkSmart escooter


Posted 20th March 2020. Category: Article.

This month at WalkSmart, we have opened our new Canberra ACT store. Currently, open Friday - Sunday only, customers can test drive, rent or buy our range of electric mobility products. We are located at G28, 6 Provan Street, Campbell 2612 ACT. We are in close proximity to the city centre and the Parliament house.

WalkSmart escooter

How electric scooters can help prevent the spread of Coronavirus?

Posted 16th March 2020. Category: Article.

One of the most significant underlying factors leading to the rapid spread of coronavirus around the world has been the virus’ ability to spread among people packed in crowded places, often days before symptoms emerge. Hence in times like this, the government officials are requesting the commuters to take extra caution while using public transport like city buses and subway cars.

WalkSmart escooter

The new Raine Electric Scooter - Coming Soon!

Posted 11th March 2020. Category: Article.

We at WalkSmart are happy to announce that the most coveted Raine Electric Scooter will be available in our stores soon! It is a fantastic model designed as per the tastes of regular riders.

WalkSmart escooter

Why allowing eScooters in our cities will do more good than harm?

Posted 24th February 2020. Category: Article.

The rise of micro-mobility based vehicles has been appropriately documented over the last few years across the world. These micro-mobility companies are majorly focussed on providing consumers with convenient options for last-mile transportation.

WalkSmart escooter

Here's how you can ride Darwin's e-scooter: Trials have begun already!

Posted 21st February 2020. Category: Article.

Finally, 100 electric scooters are available throughout Darwin's inner city for riding. All the excited riders will now be able to hop on to the available e-scooters and glide across the city.

WalkSmart escooter

Motorised Scooters!

Posted 11th February 2020. Category: Article.

Electric (or motorised) scooters are revolutionising the ways we travel in an urban environment. Their compact and versatile form factor makes them comfortable enough to carry and store when not in use, yet powerful enough to help us travel - faster than almost every other vehicle in the city.

WalkSmart escooter

Why are some people afraid that there will be changes to e-scooter laws?

Posted 7th February 2020. Category: Article.

Currently, the use of e-scooters is limited on certain public roads, pavements and lanes. Hence, the government is eager to hold a consultation on the same. A few campaigners have requested the government to form tighter rules and regulations pertaining to the e-scooter. Ultimately, the question that worries the users is: 'Will the law change be acceptable?'

WalkSmart escooter

Scootering Around Darling Harbour!

Posted 3rd February 2020. Category: Article.

The Darling Harbour waterfront is one of the most beautiful places to ride around in Sydney, with wide-open footpaths stretching far along the waterfront directly next to Sydney city!

WalkSmart escooter

Reviewing the Latest Onewheel+XR: Does it Live Up to the Hype?

Posted 31st January 2020. Category: Article.

When the first look of the Onewheel was unveiled, we didn't think that it was powerful enough to handle the ride across the terrains. Surprisingly, it can handle the terrains pretty well and is also easy to learn. The ride is similar to snowboarding once you are comfortable riding it.

WalkSmart escooter

The WalkSmart Hospitality Program!

Posted 29th January 2020. Category: Article.

Late in 2019, WalkSmart introduced an electric scooter leasing program for hospitality operators which incorporated on-site servicing, insurance, repairs and the electric scooters themselves.

WalkSmart escooter

Top Features of WideWheel Pro in 2020!

Posted 24th January 2020. Category: Article.

The WideWheel Pro electric scooter is the latest update to its earlier version which released in 2019. Although the previous model has been our favourite model to date, the newest version is loaded with additional features like a larger battery, better display, dual brakes, reinforced design.

WalkSmart escooter

The OneWheel Pint is coming soon!

Posted 20th January 2020. Category: Article.

The Pint is Onewheel's most affordable skateboard that has hit the market recently. Loaded with new safety features and high technology features; it is an absolute delight for the riders. There is more to Pint than one big wheel in the centre. For more information click on the button below:

WalkSmart escooter

Top Selling Electric Scooter Accessories!

Posted 6th January 2020. Category: Article.

Accessories are a great addition to an electric scooter, instantly improving its utility. In this blog post we will go through WalkSmart's top-selling accessories!

WalkSmart escooter

The New WideWheel Pro Brings Us The Updates We Asked For!

Posted 3rd January 2020. Category: Article.

The WideWheel scooter has been the most powerful scooter we have ever stocked, featuring two large 500W electric motors and a big lithium-ion battery to power them. We are now excited to bring to our customers the WideWheel Pro 2020 model, with the biggest updates being dual disk brakes and a new dashboard LED display.

WalkSmart escooter

Renting vs Buying an eScooter!

Posted 30th December 2019. Category: Article.

Electric Scooters are changing how our society commutes! They are becoming popular in cities around the world, Munich, Athens, LA, Russia, for good reason! They are affordable, saving time and money for the consumers that ride them! They are smaller, more compact and versatile than a bike; they don't get stuck in traffic like a car, and are much more reliable than public transport!

WalkSmart escooter

Why the $2499 Boosted Rev is better value than the $599 Xiaomi M365?

Posted 27th December 2019. Category: Article.

In today's blog post we will be discussing why Boosted Rev is worth buying, even though there are chheaper models available in the industry.

WalkSmart escooter

How renting an eScooter can save you time and money on transport?

Posted 13th December 2019. Category: Article.

Renting an electric scooter from WalkSmart starts at $80 per month for the popular Xiaomi M365 electric scooter. The Xiaomi M365 is capable of going 25km an hour with a 30km maximum range. $80 per month equals approximately $18 per week. Depending on your commute, there is a good chance you can swap a bus or train commute with an eScooter ride! If this is the case, you could save up to $8 per day, or $40 per week.

WalkSmart escooter

The benefits of renting an eScooter over buying!

Posted 9th December 2019. Category: Article.

Its often a difficult decision for customers, whether it's best to buy or rent an electric scooter. In this article, we will go through the advantages of renting, and how it can save you time and money on your daily commute!

WalkSmart escooter

Renting vs Buying: The Cost Analysis!

Posted 20th November 2019. Category: Article.

Often it is difficult to determine whether buying or renting an electric scooter is better value. In this analysis, we will go through the costs and benefits of an example scenario - of a customer who wants to use an electric scooter over a period of one year. Keep Reading to know more about this!

WalkSmart escooter

Why is Boosted Rev the Best Electric Scooter in 2019?

Posted 18th November 2019. Category: Article.

As we all know that the electric scooters are a fun, easy way to travel around the city, and in today’s post we will be discussing the features of Boosted Rev which make it THE BEST electric scooter in 2019. Keep Reading to know more about this!

WalkSmart escooter

Tubeless Vs Air Tyre On Xiaomi Scooters!

Posted 15th November 2019. Category: Article.

The most popular scooter, currently by date is Xiaomi M365. It has a good price (In Australia), well-built quality, and comfortable ride. But, the one major flaw with the scooter is that the tyres often pop and that’ll be the end of it. Not sure how it happens, you might be wondering now, 'I didn’t even do anything out of the ordinary, it just suddenly deflates.' Well, that could happen too! Although, most of the time, it could just be a small rock, a tiny glass shard, or simply weight issue.Keep Reading to know more about this!

WalkSmart escooter

How electric scooters have transformed Brisbane city?

Posted 13th November 2019. Category: Article.

The impact electric scooters have on a city is often underestimated. The effect of a new form of mobility can be compared to government rail or bus infrastructure development - yet eScooters do not require public capital outlay and operate for-profit almost instantly. They are often the fastest on-demand form of transportation available - immediately making faraway destinations within arms reach - yet also operate seamlessly with other transportation forms.

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Let's Help To STOP Climate Change! #TEAMTREES

Posted 11th November 2019. Category: Article.

What really caused climate change? Cars? Industrial waste? Cows??? Truthfully, all of them (yes, including cows) is a contributor to our ever-increasing carbons in the atmosphere. Electric scooters might help to reduce the carbon emission by reducing the usage of cars. Even buses in Sydney had gone electric! We should be proud to call ourselves Australian. Right..? Keep Reading to find more!

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eScooters: the more efficient mode of transport!

Posted 8th November 2019. Category: Article.

Electric scooters are becoming more and more popular in our cities; for good reason! They are helping commuters travel more efficiently, affordably and quickly! Latest advances in electric motor and battery technology have created this new form of city transportation - a compact device that can propel an individual at high speed while making their ride comfortable and hassle-free.

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Posted 4th November 2019. Category: Article.

With the onset of new advancements in the field of technology, the world has moved ahead in many aspects. In the area of transport, electric scooters are taking the world by storm. Do you want to know why?

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Posted 1st November 2019. Category: Article.

When a company says 12 months warranty you can get it repaired for free within the 12 months period. Cool huh? But, the biggest question that no one seems to be asking with electric scooter repair is if I break my electric scooter, how long will it exactly take to be fixed? At WalkSmart we can repair it within the hour! Sounds cool right?

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Posted 30th October 2019. Category: Article.

In Walksmart, for just leaving a review, you can get some sweet prizes. Most people surprisingly gets a phone mount, a lock, or some even get fidget spinner (which is all right, it’s fun). But once per semester, someone wins the golden prize. Keep Reading to know how to win one!

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Posted 28th October 2019. Category: Article.

The Unagi scooter has grown in popularity as the eScooter market continues to explode around the world. Billie Eilish, a famous American singer-songwriter, initially purchased the Unagi to help her get around her studio, her house, and stadium when on tour. Keep Reading to know more!

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Posted 25th October 2019. Category: Article.

Nowadays, there are even more scooters to choose from and importing them from London, United States, China, we can only assume the comfort by what the advertiser tells us what we want to believe. We at WalkSmart had tested several scooters and will give you insight on which scooter we think is the best one!

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Posted 23rd October 2019. Category: Article.

In today's article we will be sharing the latest tips and tricks about the widely popular e-scooter Unagi. For an insightful information click on the blog post.

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Posted 21st October 2019. Category: Article.

Did you know that in many cases, an electronic scooter is the fastest mode of transport! We tested out exactly how fast electric scooters are around Sydney, and the results were surprising!

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Posted 14th October 2019. Category: Article.

WalkSmart is proud to introduce 90-minute delivery available to those in the Sydney CBD area, and some surrounding suburbs. 90-minute delivery is provided by CouriersPlease, our favourite courier service! Keep Reading to know more!

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What Makes Mercane Wide Wheel Scooter An Absolute Powerhouse?

Posted 11th October 2019. Category: Article.

Lately, almost everyone is willing to purchase Mercane Wide Wheel Scooter for commuting. If you are wondering what makes the popular escooter a must buy, you have hit the right page. As in today's article, we will be discussing the features of the Mercane Wide Wheel Scooter, which makes it a preferable choice among the users. Keep Reading!

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History Of Electric Scooters!

Posted 5th October 2019. Category: Article.

Have you ever wondered how the electric scooters came into existence? If you are as curious as we are, then you have hit the right page. In today's article we shall be discussing about the origin and evolution of our favorite electric scooters. Exicted Much??

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WalkSmart Care Packages!

Posted 3rd October 2019. Category: Article.

Undoubtedly, eScooters require a level of maintenance and servicing - much like any vehicle in the industry. Hence, our team at WalkSmart curated the Care Packages to offer maximum benefit to the users. Much like its name, the WalkSmart Care Packages aims to ensure customers who rely on their scooter for their daily commute, have it working and serviced to maximise its useful life. Keep reading to know more about the benefits it has to offer!

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Segway Max Honest Reviews And Guide!

Posted 30th September 2019. Category: Article.

So, many people had been hyped up by the recent upbringing of the Segway Ninebot Max. From what started on Indiegogo, Segway Ninebot Max had received over six million dollars in funding and over five thousand backers. But is it worth it? Whether you are thinking to buy or upgrade your current electric scooter, Segway Max must have crossed your mind.Keep reading to know whether Ninebot Max is worth the hype or it is just another facade!

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My Life At University!

Posted 27th September 2019. Category: Article.

With all the hustle and struggles in college life, commuting daily can be a pretty daunting task. Keep reading to know how it can be made easier!

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Experience the WalkSmart Ride More Package!

Posted 24th September 2019. Category: Article.

The WalkSmart Ride-More Package aims to provide customers with a simple addon that maximises the versatility of their electric scooter. Keep Reading to know how it will benefit you as a user!

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What Features Make Ninebot Max: The Ultimate Electric Scooter by Segway?

Posted 19th September 2019. Category: Article.

In today's post we will discuss the unique features of Ninebot Max and why should you buy one immediately. Keep Reading!

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The WalkSmart Community!

Posted 17th September 2019. Category: Article.

In today's post we will discuss the primary reasons that led us to creating our very own WalkSmart Community. Keep Reading!

WalkSmart Community

What we get asked the most about electric Scooters?

Posted 11th September 2019. Category: Article.

In today's post we will discuss the commonly asked questions about electric scooters that have never been answered before! Keep Reading!

Best Electric Scooters

Why the Unagi Model One is a special electric scooter?

Posted 6th September 2019. Category: Article.

In today's post we will discuss the features that make the Unagi Model a special electric scooters amongst the available ones. Stay Tuned!:

Best Electric Scooters

Why electric scooters are the most environmentally friendly and efficient mode of transport for our cities!

Posted 3rd September 2019. Category: Article.

Learn why electric scooters are the most environmentally friendly and efficient mode of transport for our cities!:

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Top 3 Best Electric Scooter for Adults 2019 - A Beginner’s Guide!

Posted 29th August 2019. Category: Article.

Have you been looking for an easy way to commute to nearby places this summer? If you have been contemplating about the electric vehicles that might suit your persona and is easy to learn to, then you have come to the right place:

Best Electric Scooters

The new products coming to WalkSmart in September 2019!

Posted 26th August 2019. Category: Article.

September is a big month for WalkSmart, just before Christmas bringing all the latest e-mobility products to enthusiasts around Australia.
Here are some of the new products coming to WalkSmart next month:

The new products coming to WalkSmart in September 2019

Top 6 features of the Xiaomi M365 Pro that make it stand apart from the rest!

Posted 22nd August 2019. Category: Article.

The M365 Pro version of Xiaomi electric scooter has been by far one of the best-selling models in the world. Now that the makers of Xiaomi Electric Scooters have finally released the upgraded model of the popular e-scooter Xiaomi M365 in Australia. Undoubtedly, like many others, new users will love it as well.

Top Six Features For Xiaomi M365 Pro


Posted 19th August 2019. Category: Guide.

In today's blog post, we have penned down all the frequently asked questions that our customers have about electric scooters in Australia.
Check this post and see if your questions made it to the list!


Reviewing The Best Electric Scooters Of 2019!

Posted 12th August 2019. Category: Guide.

See Nathaniels review of the best 4 Electric Scooters for adults available today.
Pick your favourite scooter now!

Best Scooters

Which Scooter Is For You

Posted 31st July 2019. Category: Guide.

We know it can be daunting and the price gap just does not make any sense. For double the price, you can only get 5kmh extra. Is it really worth it? In this guide, you can now find the perfect scooter for yourself today - quickly and easily.

Thinking Man

Who Won The Morath Giveaway.

Posted 30th July 2019. Category: Article.

This is how a Morath Elite Scooter made a little boy's day! The journey on why we started it and what sort of challenges we encounter on giving away free scooters.

Morath Scooter

Discover the American brands, Unagi.

Posted 29th June 2019. Category: Article.

5 Reasons Why “The Unagi Scooter” is One of the Best Electric Scooter for Adults in Australia. Find out how Unagi is so rare.

Unagi Scooter

Legality and Rebellion For Electric Scooters in Australia.

Posted 7th May 2019. Category: Article.

How Australia sees electric scooters and what we think about it. We know it is still under revision, we know that electric scooters have helped so many people get to work on time, we see that it shed light and can make children of Australia happy, so why ban it?

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Win a free Morath Electric Scooter from WalkSmart!

Posted 4th April 2019. Category: Competition.

The winner will receive a brand new Morath electric scooter via courier within 10 days from the competition winner announcement date. There are no costs associated with entering or receiving the prize.

The Legality of Electric Scooters in Australia!

Posted 4th April 2019. Category: Product Information.

The legality of electric scooters is something our team gets asked quite a lot from customers. It can be difficult to understand the laws in your local area, as they vary state by state. This page is designed to inform riders of the rules governing e-scooters in each state.

The WalkSmart Repair Center!

Posted 7th March 2019. Category: General.

At WalkSmart, we offer repairs for a range of personal electric vehicles. We stock spare parts for the products we sell in-store but are also able to source and order in spare parts for other brands too.

How an electric scooter saves you money!

Posted 6th March 2019. Category: General.

These days an electric scooter is much more than a fun ride for kids and teenagers. It has become a product with a purpose, making commuting more efficient by providing us with a new means of transport - fun, flexible and affordable. Here is how an electric scooter can save you money.

The Xiaomi M365 vs Segway ES2

Posted 25th Feb 2019. Category: Product Comparison.

The Segway-Ninebot ES2 and the Xiaomi Majia M365 are our two top-selling models of electric scooter - and there's a good reason for it. Both units are developed by Ninebot in a city near Bejing, China. Back in 2015 Ninebot purchased the American firm Segway Inc. and has since redeveloped the brand now offering a wider range of products while also making them more affordable under the name Segway-Ninebot.

The WideWheel Electric Scooter In Store Now!

Posted 24th Feb 2019. Category: Product Updates.

Today the WideWheel electric scooter joins our range of WalkSmart eScooters! The WideWheel is an ultra-powerful, heavy duty, all terrain electric scooter. Arguably it is our most stylish electric scooter, featuring a matte grey colour finish, low profile tyres with dual 500w large electronic hub motors. A unique front suspension arm allows riders to comfortably float over obstacles, while the instant acceleration and torque make it sporty to drive on and off-road.

More Xiaomi M365 Stock Received at Pyrmont!

Posted 24th Feb 2019. Category: Product Updates.

Increasing demand and difficult supply have meant that in recent months it has been difficult for us to maintain stock in the Xiaomi M365 scooter. We have just received more stock into our warehouse and forwarded a portion of this to our WalkSmart store in Pyrmont. The Xiaomi M365 scooter is now back in stock! (But black only)