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Panda Pass makes electric scooters easy with a simple week-to-week subscription pass. For the all-inclusive price of $35 p/week, you get the latest eScooter tech (The Ninebot Max), the best selection of accessories to go with, and no-cost, no-hassle repairs & servicing. Choose to either pickup from one of our stores or get everything delivered to your door.


Say pass to hidden costs

Repairing an eScooter can be costly, Panda Pass is not. Unexpected repairs or servicing fees can make owning an electric scooter unpredictable and more expensive. Panda Pass is designed for simplicity and cost savings, with no more out-of-pocket fees - just one weekly charge and you're covered!

Rent Electric Scooters WalkSmart
Rent Electric Scooters WalkSmart

Don't be left without a ride

Panda Pass ensures you always have dependable transport with you. Dependencies such as waiting for parts from suppliers are a thing of the past! Don't wait long periods of time, with Panda Pass, we swap your eScooter with another one if it needs servicing or has a problem.

Keep on top of the latest tech

With Panda Pass, you can upgrade your eScooter as soon as new models are released, every 6-12 months. Don't be left behind with old tech! Save on depreciation costs and the hassle of onselling compared to traditional ownership.

Rent Electric Scooters WalkSmart
Rent Electric Scooters WalkSmart

Say pass to eScooter theft

eScooter theft is becoming more common nowadays. Panda Pass subscribers can choose to activate the Apple *AirTag feature in their eScooter for a one-time fee of $25. The AirTag integration allows subscribers to track their eScooter from anywhere in the world. *The AirTag is only available to iOS/Apple iPhone users and relies on the Apple Find My network. Note* Panda Pass subscribers do not own the AirTag. It is integrated within the Panda Pass eScooter and is to be returned together at the conclusion of the Panda Pass subscription.

How does Panda Pass work?


Sign Up

Fill in your details on the website and subscribe to Panda Pass



Select either pickup from our store or the delivery option for your eScooter



Notify us of any issues down the line, and we'll replace your eScooter instantly



Cancel your Panda Pass at any time. There is no contract or fees for cancellation.



Panda Pass

Pickup or Delivery Options

Pickup (Pyrmont, Sydney)
Pickup (Canberra)
Delivery Australia-Wide

Inclusions with Panda Pass

Ninebot Max eScooter         Front Scooter Storage Bag            Adjustable Helmet              Phone Mount                   Nixeycles D-Type Lock            GPS Warning Theft Prevention Labels         Unlimited Free Servicing                   Unlimited Free Tyre Changes                   Unlimited Free Damage Cover                   Swap and Go Fault Resolution                   Start and Stop Panda Pass Anytime          Pickup or Delivery Options             4-Week Minimum             Model Upgrades Available On New Releases                   Automatic Direct Debit Payments                   $500 Excess for Lost or Stolen eScooters                   Personalized Training and Ride Safety Onboarding              Phone Assistance Hotline                   Theft Prevention Recovery Assistance          Apple AirTag Tracking Setup

Get +1 week free for you and your friend.



A team that is by your side, all the time, to support you along your eMobility journey with us.



WalkSmart Founder

Seb founded WalkSmart in 2017. Seb is responsible for company direction, strategic planning, and leadership. Seb graduated from UTS in 2019



Operations Manager

Ongky is responsible for the day-to-day operations at WalkSmart, ensuring the short-term responsibilities of WalkSmart are met



IT Manager

Edward manages IT for WalkSmart. Edward graduated from UTS, achieving a Bachelor's degree in Networking and System Administration.



Sydney Manager

Luther manages the WalkSmart Pyrmont store and Sydney operations. Luther is currently studying for a Bachelor of Arts in Industrial and Product design at UTS



Canberra Store Technician

Fredo assists with Canberra operations, both in the Campbell store and commercial business operations. Fredo joined WalkSmart in 2020



Electrical Engineer

Jacob is in charge of product repairs, maintenance and servicing at WalkSmart. Jacob is currently studying for a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from UWS.



Customer Service

Ana manages the Customer Service side of WalkSmart and fulfills administrative duties. Ana studied Computer Science at Uttar Pradesh Technical University



Business Development

Lliam is responsible for growth in our B2B activities. He previously worked with service and tech startups in Berlin and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce at USYD.

Our goal is to ensure each and every customer is happy throughout their journey with WalkSmart. We focus on the finer details, whether it's understanding customer requirements, recommending a product or servicing a vehicle - we take care in what we do. If we make a mistake, we own up and resolve it as best as we can. We listen and we learn!

Terms and Conditions

View the terms and conditions for the Panda Pass subscription product

Waiver and Release

View the waiver and release agreement for the Panda Pass subscription product

Incident Report

Report an incident, such as a lost or stolen product.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does Panda Pass work?
A: Panda Pass is a month-to-month subscription service that includes an eScooter, accompanying accessories, repairs, servicing cover, and more! To get started with Panda Pass, complete the form by pressing "Sign Up" near the top of this page. During the form, WalkSmart will ask for personal details. A deposit may be required depending on the details filled in on the form and can vary between $0 and $800. The deposit amount is refundable at the conclusion of the Panda Pass subscription.

What are the requirements to subscribe to Panda Pass?
- Drivers License or International Passport
- Located in Australia. Pickup from a WalkSmart store (free) or delivery options Australia-wide
- Refundable Deposit Payment (amount varies based on individual conditions, ranging from $0 - $600)
- Start Fee $0
- 4-Week Minimum @ $35 p/week
- Fit and able to ride an eScooter (we can teach you)
- No medical conditions affecting eScooter riding performance or safety - Minimum amount over the subscription: $140

Q: What is the minimum term for Panda Pass?
A: The minimum term for Panda Pass is 4 weeks. Pass holders can subscribe for four weeks and end immediately if they choose, without any additional cost or penalty.

Q: Are there any hidden costs to Panda Pass?
A: There are no hidden fees or costs to Panda Pass. The fee's for Panda Pass are as follows: Upfront Cost $10, Weekly Subscription Cost $35, Refundable Deposit amount (only required for low-credit individuals) $200-$600, a Delivery fee (varies per location or pickup is free), and a $500 excess if the Panda Pass eScooter is either stolen or not returned after the subscription. There are no fees if damage is sustained on the eScooter or accompanies accessories.

Q: Can Panda Pass subscribers return the eScooter at any time?
A: Panda Pass subscribers can return and end their subscription at any time after they have been subscribed for four weeks.

Q: What happens if the eScooter or an accessory becomes stolen during the Panda Pass subscription?
A: Panda Pass subscribers are required to return the eScooter and all accompanying accessories when they end their subscription. If an electric scooter gets stolen from a Panda Pass holder, a police report must be completed within 48 hours and the WalkSmart team must be notified. The Panda Pass subscriber will be billed an "excess" charge for failing to return the eScooter. This "excess" amount is noted on the Panda Pass contract when the subscriber signs up for the service. If an accessory is unreturned, the Panda Pass holder can choose to buy the accessory outright to avoid the "excess" charge.

Q: What happens if a Panda Pass product becomes damaged during the subscription period?
A: The Panda Pass eScooter and accompanying accessories are covered by WalkSmart if any damage occurs. WalkSmart will provide replacement items when damage is present. Panda Pass subscribers must notify WalkSmart immediately when damage is present to arrange a swap.

Q: Is there the option to purchase a Panda Pass product outright during the subscription period?
The option to purchase a Panda Pass product outright is generally not allowable but may be offered at the discretion of store staff.

Q: What happens if there is an issue with a Panda Pass product?
A: If a Panda Pass subscriber has an issue with a product from their subscription, they should contact WalkSmart immediately to arrange an item swap.

Q: How are the payments processed with Panda Pass?
A: There is a weekly subscription fee for Panda Pass. This payment is processed automatically by the payment method set up by the subscriber.

Q: What happens if there is an issue with the Panda Pass subscription?
A: If a Panda Pass subscriber has an issue with the subscription or a product from their subscription, they should contact WalkSmart immediately to resolve any issues or arrange an item swap.

Q: Can the Panda Pass subscription be paused and restarted at a later date?
A: Panda Pass subscribers are not directly able to pause their subscription, however, they can end their subscription at any time and rejoin again in the future. Note; the initial start-up fee will apply again.

Q: Can Panda Pas subscribers take their product interstate?
A: Panda Pass subscribers are free to take their products interstate, however additional shipping fees may apply if they are unable to return the products directly in-store.

Q: Can Panda Pas subscribers take their product overseas?
A: Panda Pass subscribers are unable to take eScooters overseas due to lithium-ion battery dangerous goods constraints with airlines and cruise ships.

Q: How can Panda Pass subscribers contact WalkSmart?
A: The WalkSmart team can be contacted via phone, email, Facebook, or Instagram chat. Please see the contact page on the WalkSmart website for more information.

Q: What happens if a Panda Pass subscriber receives a penalty or fine for operating an eScooter illegally or dangerously?
A: It is the responsibility of Panda Pass subscribers to ensure local riding laws are met when operating eScooters. Therefore, any fines or penalties are the responsibility of the Panda Pass subscriber and/or eScooter rider.

Q: What is the minimum age for signing up for Panda Pass?
A: The minimum age to sign up for Panda Pass is 18 years old. Riders under the age of 18 are permitted only with parental or guardian permission.

Q: Is Panda Pass suitable for High School students?
A: Yes, with permission and sign-up completed by the student's parent or legal guardian.

Q: What happens if the Panda Pass eScooter tyre has a puncture or gets damaged?
A: The eScooter is swapped for another one.

Q: Are Panda Pass products new or refurbished?
A: WalkSmart provides new or cleanly refurbished eScooters and accompanying accessories to Panda Pass subscribers.

Q: What is the weight limit for the Panda Pass eScooter?
A: 120kg is the maximum advisable weight load for the Panda Pass eScooter.

Q: Is it possible to subscribe to Panda Pass for only a day?
A: For daily or hourly rentals, please do not sign up for Panda Pass and instead get in contact with WalkSmart to arrange a booking, as it will be more cost efficient.

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