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The WalkSmart Shop Canberra

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Entry via Pentland Street

G07/15 Provan Street, Campbell ACT 2612, Canberra


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WalkSmart Store in Campbell ACT


About WalkSmart Canberra

WalkSmart is Canberra's leading electric scooter shop, providing the best electric scooters for sale and for rent, backed by experience providing advanced repairs and servicing.

Where is WalkSmart Canberra located?
The WalkSmart Canberra store is located at G07, 15 Provan Street, Campbell 2612. Entry is via Pentland Street, within the courtyard of the Koben building. Please give the store a call if you require assistance in locating.

Best Electric Scooters in Canberra:
The best electric scooters for Canberra residents are generally the larger, more powerful models - due to Canberra's large cityscape and excellent riding paths. Compact and lightweight electric scooters are not necessary for Canberra as the city is very spacious. Larger, more powerful motorised scooters can travel more comfortably, longer distances and at higher speeds. Some great electric scooters for Canberra include the:
- Bolzzen Dynamo
- Bolzzen Magneto
- Inokim OX range

Where to buy Electric Scooters in Canberra?
Although there are multiple locations where locals can purchase electric scooters, WalkSmart strives to be the best all-round option - not only offering competitive pricing, but also providing excellent service and after-sales support. WalkSmart stocks spare parts and can service eScooters efficiently, ensuring residents are always up and running with their eScooter.

Ride-Sharing eScooters in Canberra:
There are two public-sharing eScooter operators in Canberra, they are:
- Beam Scooters Canberra (the purple scooters)
- Neuron Scooters Canberra (the orange scooters)
Both are excellent for short hire trips around the city, charging about $1 to start and 38 - 45c per min for use.

Best Scooter Hire in Canberra
WalkSmart aims to be Canberra's leading Scooter Hire, enabling riders longer hire time (from 4 hours to 24 hours) rather than a per-minute hire, as well as longer battery range and on-hire charging functionality, so riders can top and go throughout their journey.

How to ride an electric scooter in Canberra?
Riding an electric scooter in Canberra is pretty easy compared to most other locations - this is due to Canberra's excellent wide open paths and low density population. Learn more about the ACT riding rules below:

Where to ride?
✔ Footpaths, shared paths, bicycle paths and the bicycle side of separated paths
✔ Riding on the road is only permitted if there is no footpath, shared path or nature strip next to the road or it is impracticable to travel on one of those areas

You must slow down to 10km/h when approaching and travelling across a crossing;
You must not travel at a speed faster than 15km/h when travelling on a footpath;
You must not travel at a speed faster than 25km/h when travelling on shared paths, bicycle side of separated paths and bicycle paths.

Other rules:
You are not allowed to use a mobile device while operating the device;
You must not be impaired by alcohol;
You must wear an approved bicycle helmet;
You must not carry any passengers;
You must give way to other pedestrians and keep to the left. It is the responsibility of all users to share the footpath and road and be mindful of other users; Children under the age of 12 must not use a PMD without adult supervision.

More Information can be found here on the Access Canberra government website:

Canberra Scooter Cost?
Electric scooters in Canberra can cost between $500 - $5000. The cheaper ones are generally more basic, with a shorter ranger and poorer riding comfort. Whereas the more premium eScooters go higher speeds, have a more comfortable ride and last longer.

WalkSmart - Electric Scooter Canberra
Look no further than WalkSmart in Canberra for your electric scooter requirements; we strive to be the leading electric scooter shop in Canberra. We often offer sales, so contact us for discounts.

Scooters for sale - Canberra
Contact WalkSmart for our current specials and electric scooters on sale!